Jinns in Islamic Art

Jinns are intelligent beings in Islamic belief system which have free will just like human beings. Unlike humans however they are made of smokeless fire. Jinns are also supposed to have different religions just like humans e.g., Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism etc and even Atheism. Jinns are supposed to live in the unseen world which can be thought of as a parallel dimension co-existing with our own. Here are some depictions of Jinns in Islamic art over the course of centuries.

Jinns that cause toothache! 18th century Ottoman Manuscript



The 72nd chapter of the Quran is also titled Surah Jinn


A Jinn from Shahnama from medieval Persia


The court of Solomon with Jinns, Angels, Animals and Birds (Mughal Miniature)


Mahan in the Wilderness of Ghouls-Jinns fighting dragons from Khamsa of Nizami


A Jinn drawn in the style of ‘Muhammad Siyah Qalam by Muhammad Taqi


Jinn by the Ottoman master Mehmed Siyah Kalem


Rustom fighting a Jinn from a medieval Islamic manuscript


Arghan Div Brings the Chest of Armor to Hamza from Dastan Amir Hamza


Jinns from a medieval Islamic manuscript Wonders of Creation


Another Illustration of Jinn Shaitan from the 14th century Book of Wonders


Depiction of two Jinns from Iran/Central Asia from the Timurid Period


Jinns by the Ottoman Artist Mehmet Siyah Kalem in the East Asian style


Illustration of the Jinn Shaitan from the 14th century Book of Wonders




  1. Very civilized version of Jinns – you might want to know them better !!!!

  2. Interesting article.. How can I follow the site to ensure I don’t miss future posts?

  3. What’s your take on Zombies??

  4. There is evidence of Jinns & their power over man / men in both Koran & Haddith most intriguing is an account of supposedly Gabriel attempting to strangle a man in a cave.? There is a difference between spirits some are Good & some are evil..There are also accounts of spirits in the Holy Bible right from Genesis…a notable characteristic of evil demons is THEY LIE.! It is worthwhile to read the accounts of Demons AND Angles in the New Testiment..there is One in those Books & Chapters of whomever the Demons FEAR AND WHO HAS AUTHORITY & POWER over them…unlike those in the Koran. PopEye on Pinterest. Not on FaceBook or Twitter or any intelligence & information gathering traps ! !

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