NASA’s recent discovery of seven entire planets that resemble Earth (and potentially support life) in a single solar system located only 40 light years away is being reported across major news publications–which, as someone who follows exoplanet news as closely as I do can tell you–is kind of significant; typically,Continue Reading

Image Source: Dazed Magazine Dazed Magazine sits down with Fatima Al Qadiri and Sophia Al-Maria, Arab-Americans from teh Gulf, on their thoughts on Gulf Futurism. Here is a relevant excerpt: The Gulf paradox – a headlong sprint into the future tempered by ultra-conservative Islamic codes – defines everyday life inContinue Reading

Jinns are intelligent beings in Islamic belief system which have free will just like human beings. Unlike humans however they are made of smokeless fire. Jinns are also supposed to have different religions just like humans e.g., Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism etc and even Atheism. Jinns are supposed to liveContinue Reading