Amina Inloes has published a fantastic article on Professor MAR Barker in the latest issue of the joural Muslim World, here is the abstract: Muhammad Abd al‐Rahman (Phillip) Barker: Bridging Cultural Divides through Fantasy/Science‐Fiction Role‐Playing Games and Fictional Religion Abstract: “Muslims” and “Dungeons & Dragons” are rarely discussed in theContinue Reading

I will be presenting a paper on Utopias and Dystopias in Islamicate Science Fiction (i.e., Science Fiction from the Islamic world) at the Mechademia International Conference in Minneapolis. I will be presenting remotely from Seattle. Here is the abstract of my paper: Future as the Present: Science Fiction Utopias and DystopiasContinue Reading

Yusuf Nuruddin has a fascinating articel on the intersection of Islam, urban mythology and Science Fiction which came out 10 years ago in the Socialism and Democracy Journal. Here is the article in full. Ancient Black Astronauts and Extraterrestrial Jihads: Islamic Science Fiction as Urban Mythology Yusuf Nuruddin Introduction ScienceContinue Reading