While there is no such thing as Magic in Islam, through out history people from Muslim cultures have esoteric things which have been described as magic by outsiders. (Muslim scholars universally consider Magic to be haram (Forbidden) in Islam.) In the medieval era Muslims in Europe were sometimes accused of practicingContinue Reading

While not exactly Science Fiction, this book by Anand Taneja would be of interest to the audience of Islam and Science Fiction. Jinns are supernatural creatures in Islamic beliefs that have sentience and free-will like human beings. Professor Taneja from Vanderbilt University explores how the living interact with the Jinns inContinue Reading

Hello, Friends! Before I say anything, I am going to let this guy go first: http://download.media.islamway.net/videos/2541/Rprgi_pBeBo.mp4 Powerful lyrics, aye? These are the heroic names I wish to pass down to my kids. But getting to this point has been a challenge. You see I remember growing up in the midwestContinue Reading

Image: Kulsoom Abdullah of Pakistan at the World Weightlifting Cahmpionship Hello Friends, We’ve had some time to reflect on the election results. Some are happy that their candidate won others are not. To be honest I am just glad its over. What happened, happened. This election cycle has been insane.Continue Reading

Yusuf Nuruddin has a fascinating articel on the intersection of Islam, urban mythology and Science Fiction which came out 10 years ago in the Socialism and Democracy Journal. Here is the article in full. Ancient Black Astronauts and Extraterrestrial Jihads: Islamic Science Fiction as Urban Mythology Yusuf Nuruddin Introduction ScienceContinue Reading

  Islam and Science Fiction would like to welcome new contributors to our website. They come from varied background with diverse experiences: Gwen Bellinger is a writer and consultant currently working with the Indian government’s Department of Education, Josh Hicken is a Software Engineer whose writing background is in journalism,Continue Reading