R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) is ascience fiction play written by the Czech writer Karel Čapek which is the source of the word Robot. The play imagines synthetic people called roboti (robots) who are created to work for humans but eventually rebel which leads to the extenction of humans. R.U.R wasContinue Reading

A number of Science Fiction Cons that are being cancelled is increasing. The latest one to succumb to Coronavirus is SFRA (Science Fiction Research Association). I was looking forward to the conference, hoping to attend my first SFRA conference is 2020. However this won’t happen this year. Let’s all hopeContinue Reading

While there is no such thing as Magic in Islam, through out history people from Muslim cultures have esoteric things which have been described as magic by outsiders. (Muslim scholars universally consider Magic to be haram (Forbidden) in Islam.) In the medieval era Muslims in Europe were sometimes accused of practicingContinue Reading