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There website has been present on the web in one form or the other since 2005. With respect to characterization of Muslims there isn’t any single way to describe how Muslims are portrayed in Science Fiction. There are many cases where Muslims are cast in somewhat negative light in SF stories which are set in the near future. On the other hand stories set in the distant future have rather positive portrayal of Muslims. On this website I have tried to collect information about the depiction of Islam and Islamic themes in Science Fiction literature and science fiction written by Muslims. It should be noted that most of the information on this website is in regards to English literature and most certain there is a lot of material in other languages as well but because of the linguistic barrier I do not have access to that literature. Thus if someone could point me to that particular literature then I would be more than happy to add it to the website with due credit to the person.

– Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad (Editor, Islam and Science Fiction)

Anthology Project: A Mosque Among the Stars

I editied an anthology on Islam and Science Fiction with Ahmed A. Khan, a Canadian Science Fiction writer. More information on the anthology is available here.

Special Thanks:

I would like to acknowledge the help of Professor Nauman Ahmed in helping with the Anthology project without whose help the anthology project would not have been successful. Additionally I would like to thank Hal W. Hall who was the Curator (now retired) of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection at the Texas A&M University, for sending all the wonderful references. Lastly I would like to thank the readers who have sent in their useful feedback on this website and sent in synopsis and pointers to source material. This was greatly helpful in expanding this resource.

– Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad (Editor, Islam and Science Fiction)

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