Bystander by Alan Foster


Here is Arabic translation of the short story Bystander by Alan Foster translated by none other than the Arab Science Fiction author Nora Al-Nouman of the Ajwan fame. The story was published as part of a collection of short stories by Alan Foster titled … Who Needs Enemies. Here is the premise of the story from the official book cover.

Bystander (1978) Chapman was dispatched as sole crew on the rescue ship sent to evacuate the Abraxis colony to escape its flare-prone star. He’s just a backup to the tertiary backups, so when the ship awakens him early, he is himself in mortal peril. As if the upcoming freak flare weren’t enough, a mysterious Dhabian spacecraft is pacing his ship – those aliens who ordinarily refuse to have anything to do with humanity.



  1. GOSH! Where did you get this? I did it in the 90s. I feel the urge to edit it now hehe.

  2. Author

    salam Noura, I got this from Foster himself 🙂

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