By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD The Egyptian science fiction novel The Great Space Saga: The Half-Humans, penned and published originally in 2001, is being dusted off for a contemporary and international audience with an English translation. The author, Dr. Hosam Abd Al-Hamid El-Zembely, is an avowed fan of Star Wars.Continue Reading

Image Source: Dazed Magazine Dazed Magazine sits down with Fatima Al Qadiri and Sophia Al-Maria, Arab-Americans from teh Gulf, on their thoughts on Gulf Futurism. Here is a relevant excerpt: The Gulf paradox – a headlong sprint into the future tempered by ultra-conservative Islamic codes – defines everyday life inContinue Reading

Achmed Khammas has written a fascinating article The Almost Complete Lack of the Element of “Futureness” which discusses why there is an almost lack of interest and even awareness about Science Fiction in the Arab world. One of the reaons why there is an almost lack of futureness in ArabContinue Reading