Star Wars: Islamic Connections?

The website AltMuslim has a pretty good article on an Islamic perspective on Star Wars and some influences on Star Wars. The article is written by Irfan Rydhan. Here is an excerpt:

“Back when “Episode I: The Phantom Menace” first came out, “The Muslim Magazine” had some interesting pieces on the connections between Islam and the content of the Star Wars films. One was an interview with Dhul-Nun Owen who talks about how George Lucas had contacted members of the “Habibiyyah Sufi Order” in Berkeley, CA in order to do research for “Star Wars.” There was also a piece by Mahmoud Shelton about how Sufi ideas of spiritual chivalry (“futuwwat”) have parallels in the Jedi teachings.”


  1. I fitting don´t see movies evolving, For me it´s similar the old movies, without the subject object were some punter. They had education.

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  3. Where is this alleged interview?!!

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