Faiza Hussein as Captain Briain

For brief period of time and in an alternate timeline, the mantle of Captain Britain was given to Faiza Hussein who is a British Muslim woman of Pakistani descent. Here is what Paul Conner who introduced the character has to say about her.

She’s very into mainstream British young woman culture. She’s on Facebook, she reads celebrity gossip magazines, but her biggest fan rush is for British superheroes, who also pop up in those magazines. She knows about them all, she had Knights of Pendragon wallpaper when she was a kid (Or insert apt reference for Marvel time)…

I have two aims here: to make her a real person and not someone who has to represent the entire British Muslim world all the time – I think superheroes are too prone to being standard bearers for whole communities – and to make her an everyday religious person who you won’t hear anything religious from until it would naturally come up.


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