Eight Myths about Science Fiction and Fantasy at AltMuslimah

Haris Durrani has an interesting take on Science Fiction and Fantasy geared towards a Muslim audience who may not be familiar towards the genre. Here is an excerpt from Eight Myths about Science Fiction and Fantasy at AltMuslimah

Most people who haven’t read science fiction and fantasy (SFF) define it by Hollywood blockbusters. If they’ve read SFF, they don’t think of it as such. “Fahrenheit 451? 1984?” I’ve heard from members of our Muslim communities. “Those are science fiction?”

While these misunderstandings are not exclusive to Muslim communities in America, they are damaging given the crucial role storytelling can play in illuminating our experiences. They show we’re not reading, and if we are, we’re not reading with open minds.

So, here are eight common myths about SFF:


  1. “SFF is _________.”

SFF eschews universal definition. For every genre trope and tradition, someone breaks the rules. For every canonical work, a piece of great literature refuses canonization.

Defining SFF is as hard as defining, say, Sufism. Perhaps they’re better left without definition.

Almost every myth is a variety of this one. So while we debunk the rest of them, remember—they stand on shaky ground.

Check out the full article here.

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