I had the good fortune to meet the President of Egyptian Society for Science Fiction Dr. Hosam El-Zembely and its member Emad Aysha in Nasr City (a suburb of Cairo) at their headquarters last week. The Egyptian Society for Science Fiction (جمعية المصرية لأدب الخيال العلمي‎) is a Science Fiction organization set up in 2012 by Dr. El-Zembely to promote Science Fiction in Egypt and the wider Arab World. They were also kind enough to give me a collection of all the anthologies that they have published so far. Here is a summary of the list.

2012Al-Qadimun (The Arrivals)
2013Al-Aidun (Those Who Returned)
2013Al-Thairun (The Rebels)
2013Al-Muntasirun (The Victors)
2017Al-Samidun (Those Who Persevered)
2019Al-Mustaqbaliun (The Futurists)

The society has regular meetings in Nasr City on a monthly basis where they discuss and critique the work of their members. If you are in town then be sure to stop by their meetings.

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