An Urdu Brain Transplant Story from the 1930s


I have been searching for the oldest example of a Science Fiction story in Urdu and recently I came across a novel from the 1930s. Munshi Nadim Sehbai Ferozpuri wrote a detective novel in the 1930s called Naqli Rais (Fraud Aristocrat) with Sci-Fi elements. The premise of the story is that a surgeon transplants the brain of mad woman into the skull of a beautiful healthy woman and that of the beautiful woman into that of the deranged woman. The story is mainly about a detective trying to figure out why the behavior of the woman has changed. For now at least it would be safe to assume that this may be the oldest example of a sci-fi novel or story in Urdu until we found examples of older stories that is.


  1. Salaam

    Is the image in the post an excerpt from the brain transplant story, as suggested by the post title? To me it looks like an excerpt from one of the delusional pulp digests with romantic themes.

    1. Author

      wa salam Saad, You are correct, the excerpt is not from the brain transplant but from some other story. I do not know what the source of the story is though.

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