Update on the Islamicate Sci-Fi Short Story Competition Results

First of all super-late Eid Mubarak. I was planning to have this post last week but a number of things happened which did not allow me to not be able to do so in time. We were supposed to announce the results of the competition last week but a set of unforeseen circumstances meant that we could not do so – sickness, death and last minute travel. Also the response from the community was overwhelming, we received more submissions than what we had anticipated. Because of these reasons we have to delay the announcement of the winner by an additional couple of weeks. Our sincere apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience. Stay Tuned for additional updates. The mother of one of our judges, Professor Nauman, has also passed away, our deepest condolences to him. Please remember her in your prayers. In the mean time all of the contributors will be hearing from us soon.  We would like to know who contributed in terms of demographics so that we announce that with the results!

It has also become clear that Islam and Sci-Fi needs more (man and woman) power. So if you are interested in being a contributor be sure to drop us a line at islam.scifi@gmail.com

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