Turkish Science Fiction Week at Islam and SciFi!


[Image Source: Murat Palta’s Artwork]

Starting today and until next Friday I will be doing a series of daily posts on Turkish Science Fiction. This will include serious works of science fiction to not so series science fiction cult movies from Turkey from the 1980s. As Turkey’s profile has risen in the world so has the quality of Science Fiction in the world. Also I would like to acknowledge my Turkish friends and acquaintances for introducing me to the world of Turkish sci-fi and for most of the references for the posts for the next 7 days. The posts will range from serious and critically acclaimed Science Fiction by Levent Şenyürek, to Murat Palta’s miniatures, to goofy Space Balls like Sci-Fi Comedy to the classic rip-off comical movies like Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam. This also illustrates that Turkish sci-fi has come a long way in the span of 3 decades. Book like Baska Dunyalar Mumkun have acclaim in the wider literary community in Turkey as well. Bariș Müstecaplioğlu’s Land of Berg also deserves a special mention.


  1. Looking forward to reading this! Having just immersed myself in dystopic sci fi for young adults (and being overwhelmed by how few girls of color seem to have survived dystopia), I am really really really looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. Author

    Welcome to the site vikki. I suppose it will change. Speaking of dystopias, we do have a post coming up on an Egyptian dystopia in the future.

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