Teesri Aankh – First Urdu Science Fiction Theatre play in Pakistan


Teesri Aankh or The Third Eye is a stage play that debuted in Lahore in early 2012 and is the first known SciFi stage play in Urdu. The play was directed by Talal Ali Jan. Here is a clip (in Urdu) from Dunya TV and the premise of the play from the Pakistani cultural events website Danka:

Humanity is on the brink of collapsing, with prospects of the Third World War becoming ever more real. A glimpse through the history of mankind will show that humans are inherently flawed and incapable of establishing an ideal, unified and peaceful world for all to live in. In the midst of all this, a race, unlike ours is watching from the distance, waiting for the right time to unveil its grand plans to the human race. As the fog clears and the intentions of this mysterious race become clear, will these individuals be able to make the right decisions on behalf of humanity? Or will humanity be forever chained in shackles of enslavement?

Cast of Teesri Aankh (Source: Teesi Aankh Facebook Page)

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