I will be presenting a paper on Utopias and Dystopias in Islamicate Science Fiction (i.e., Science Fiction from the Islamic world) at the Mechademia International Conference in Minneapolis. I will be presenting remotely from Seattle. Here is the abstract of my paper: Future as the Present: Science Fiction Utopias and DystopiasContinue Reading

Image: Kulsoom Abdullah of Pakistan at the World Weightlifting Cahmpionship Hello Friends, We’ve had some time to reflect on the election results. Some are happy that their candidate won others are not. To be honest I am just glad its over. What happened, happened. This election cycle has been insane.Continue Reading

Better late than never I always say, the wait is over, I give you the Science Fiction short story anthology based on the first Islamicate Short Story contest. There are a total of 12 stories in the anthology and the first three stories are also the ones which won theContinue Reading

The ArabLit website has a nice article on translating Science Fiction into arabic. The Whys and Wherefores of Translating Science Fiction into Arabic by mlynxqualey At this year’s Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, YA author and would-be/will-be publisher Noura al-Noman drove in from Sharjah to talk about translating literature for young people.Continue Reading

The Nation Newspaper from UAE has a story on the recent surge in the  portrayal of Muslims in Comics and Science Fiction and also increase in the number of Muslim characterss who have non-marginal positive roles in the Comics Media. Among those contributing to the panel, titled Geeks of ColorContinue Reading