Steven Barnes’s Zulu Heart

A Novel of Slavery and Freedom in an Alternate America

[From the Publisher] “The year is 1294 – to Christians, 1877. Egypt’s Pharaoh threatens war against Ethiopia’s Empress and plans to embroil the New World in his cause. While the Northern colonists are subjects of the Pharaoh, Southern revolutionaries are loyal to the Empress.” “Caught in the center of the storm is Kai ibn Rashid, married to the Empress’s niece and lord of a vast Southern estate. A senator who only wants peace, Kai is opposed to the Pharaoh’s war – a position that may cost him dearly, for assassins have targeted his family. Meanwhile, the New World’s other major power, the unpredictable Zulu nation, has pressed Kai to accept their princess, the exquisite niece of Shaka Zulu, as his second wife. Tantalized by her beauty, Kai also fears that the princess is a spy with lethal plans.” “Now in desperate need of help, Kai summons a childhood friend, the freed slave Aidan O’Dere, to go on a deadly mission. Aidan’s reward is information to save his long-lost sister, Nessa, and safe passage home. Yet to succeed, Aidan must willingly submit himself to the greatest degradation he has ever known – the cruel yoke of slavery.” With war looming and betrayal threatening on every side, failure will mean execution for Kai and Aidan. But will success cost even more? For by challenging the will of the Pharaoh, Kai could be signing his family’s death warrants. And by aiding the South, Aidan could be keeping millions of whites in bondage.

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