Speculative Fiction Groups in Iran


Source: Iranian SFF

In the past Islam and Science Fiction has covered science fiction and speculative fiction from a number of Muslim countries and from people of Muslim backgrounds. One country and language which has been missing in our examination so far is Iran and the Persian/Farsi language. Here is the first look into this lesser known part of the Islamicate world. Speculative Fiction Group (گروه ادبیات گمانه‌زن) is a Persian speculative fiction group which brings together writers, fans and other enthusiasts together for science fiction and speculative fiction written in Persian/Farsi. Similarly the Fantasy Academy is an Iranian science fiction and fantasy club devoted to promoting Science Fiction and Fantasy in Iran. They have a website in both Persian/Farsi and English, although the English website has not been updated for some time now. The Fantasy Academy even has its own short story contest and also give out an award for short stories. Additionally they also translate Persian short fiction into English. Here is the link to their English language website: http://english.fantasy.ir/ And here is the link to their Science Fiction and Fantasy Award: http://sffaward.ir/


About the Image: Cover of the SFF Award Magazine in Farsi

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