Shani – A Pakistani Movie

In the late 1980s or early 1990s there was a Pakistani movie “Shani” which features an alien being who lands in a Pakistani village. His planet is naturally being destroyed and his people are looking for a refuge. In the end of the movie the alien reveals that he and other members of his species also profess Islam. Here is a synoposis from

Pakistan’s first science fiction film. A man, Shani (Played by Sheri Malik), is killed by an evil land-lord. After his death, an alien comes to earth. When that alien learns about shaani, it disguises itself like him and seeks revenge with the land-lord and in the meantime falling in love with the real shaani’s love interest


  1. I think this is not first science fiction, first science fiction movie was “SUN of ANDATA” starring, Sultan Rahi, Shehki, Ghulam mohiuddin, Talish etc. It was also amazing Movie. Sultan Rahi played a role of Vilan as a ROBOT, which was invented by Talish as a Scientist who want to use it for his negative purpose.

  2. Shani Movie is very very nice

  3. i want to watch the full movie but i can’t. please help……………………………………..??????

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