Science Fiction in Urdu!


Great news for lovers of Urdu Literature, Khurshid Iqbal, a critic and researcher from India, has a masters thesis on Science Fiction in Urdu Literature. The text itself is in the Urdu language but I am hoping that an English translation would be available in the near future. It starts with an overview of what constitutes Science Fiction and gives a brief overview of Science Fiction in the West before covering Science Fiction in Urdu. The thesis covers everything from short stories, novels, radio productions and even movies. The discussion about movies in Urdu in the dissertation is somewhat questionable since most of these are from Bollywood and evoke the Urdu-Hindi controversy i.e., are the movies like Mr. India Hindi movies or Urdu movies. It appears that the authors seems to sidestep the debate and includes the Bollywood movies as examples of Science Fiction in Urdu. That said, it is a good resource for people who want to get a good introduction to Urdu literature with Science Fiction undertones and currents. Here is the link to the thesis: Urdu Mein Science Fiction ki Riwayat

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