Care for a cup of coffee? I mentioned this on Twitter last month that inspired from Dinner with Strangers I will be starting a new series at Islam and Sci-Fi but in Seattle. I give you Sci-Fi with Strangers. Here is the idea, if you have an interest in Sci-Fi and religion or even Sci-Fi in general and you happen to live in Seattle or the surrounding areas then send me an email at islam.scifi@gmail.com On weekdays we can meet up for coffee, most likely somewhere in Downtown Seattle in the afternoon or early evening. Alternatively we can meet in Bellevue later in the day if that works for you better. On weekends I am more flexible if we plan in advance. Here are some guidelines:

  • This is going to be strictly platonic.
  • Interest in Sci-Fi is a must. Our conversation can veer into the philosophical, anthropological, sociological, pop culture, literature etc or may be something silly.
  • I will take notes (which you can review) and post the summary on the site.
  • You will have to agree to have your photo taken for the site.

If you have been following this website then you already know a few things about me but for the new folks here is a refresher. I have a PhD in Computer Science and I am the founder and editor of the Islam and Science Fiction project which I have been running since 2005. I am a Senior Data Scientist at Groupon (Great folks to work with). Hope to meet you more folks in Seattle and break the Seattle Freeze!



  1. I’d love to, if it weren’t for the 11000 km and visa restrictions.

    Still going to enjoy reading the notes!

    p.s. It would be great to have an rss feed for this site.

  2. Author

    Where are you located?

    I will look into it!

      1. Author

        Perhaps one day we will do a Middle East tour and then we can meet!

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