Sci-Fi Making Competition at the Dubai Film Festival 2013


Image Source: Dubai Calendar

The Dubai International Film Festival is an annual event which is hosted in Dubai in UAE. In this year’s event there is a competition to produce a Science Fiction movie script. The event is being co-sponsered by the Middle East ComicCon. The movie will then be produced by Attitude Enterprises, one of the leading media production groups in UAE. The competition is open to all ethnicities and nationalities in the UAE with the main condition being that the movie should take some inspiration from the Middle East or Middle Eastern cultures. Shivani Pandya the Managing Director of Dubai International Film Festival describes the project as follows, “One of the Dubai International Film Festival’s main objectives is to nurture creativity and innovation through the art of film, providing aspiring talent with real opportunities through partnerships with skilled industry professionals. Our collaboration with the Middle East Film and Comic Con will enable sci-fi fans in the Middle East to bring their unique vision to life by working with industry experts Max Landis and Attitude Enterprises. We look forward to seeing the unique collaborations which will emerge from this symbiotic partnership.”

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