Quantum Hijra by Dawoud Kringle


Quantum Hijra is a Science Fiction tale with sufi themes by Dawoud who is a Muslim musician, composer, poet, author and an overall inspiring figure. Quantum Hijra is his first novel and would be coming out next week (March 20, 2013). It is being released by Leilah Publications. Here is an except from the Novel’s official website:

QUANTUM HIJRA is an epic science fiction tale that is one of the most unique ever told by a storyteller. Russell Peterson thought he understood reality. His life and career were comfortable, and his destiny seemed clear. A chance meeting with a Sufi mystic musician named Hassan begins a domino effect that propels him into an adventure and spiritual initiation where he faces unpredictable dangers, unimaginable rewards, and a world where the lines between science and the mystical experience no longer exist. QUANTUM HIJRA is a tale of mind-bending political intrigue, Islamic theology, mysticism, musical theory, that conjoins science and mysticism.

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