Judeo-Islamic Messianic Alternative History: In Lisa’s Goldstein’s Split Light published in Travelers of Magic, the famous Jewish messianic Shabbetai Zevi does not convert to Islam and is imprisoned in Constantinople. Afterwards he sees visions of how the world might be impacted in the future due to his decision.

Orson Scott Card’s Pastwatch: The Redepmtion of Christopher Columbus: This is a story about alternative history/ time travel which has a few Muslim characters. Here is a review from Publishers Weekly. Playing with the time stream isn’t new to science fiction, but Card (Ender’s Game), who’s won both a HugoContinue Reading

The 99 is a comic book series aimed at a Muslim audience. The idea is that there are 99 Muslim superheros each of whose superpowers reflect the attributes of God. Here is an article from the New York Times that describes the comic. Comics to Battle for Truth, Justice andContinue Reading

Dust is a mutant from Afghanistan in the X-men universe. As the name implies her superpower is that she can turn into dust. She was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery but was later rescued by Wolverine. She is a Muslim woman and wears the Burka all theContinue Reading

Josiah X is an African American Muslim superhero in the Marvel universe. He is also the son of Isaiah Bradley, the black Captain America. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.