Anyone who’s ever been to Comic-Con—or any of the multitudes of other conventions—knows that cosplaying is half the fun. For all Hijabis out there though, finding a hijab-friendly costume is THE CHALLENGE of a lifetime. The truth is much of the source material that makes up the bedrock of geekContinue Reading

Great news everyone, one of the Editors at Islam and Science Fiction, sister Rebecca Hankins just was sworn in as the Presidential Appointee (she was appointed by President Obama) at the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) at the National Archives. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

When Gravity Fails: A Review of George Alec Effinger’s Novel Gwendolyn Bellinger George Alec Effinger’s cyberpunk novel, When Gravity Fails, allows his readers to explore an innovative and intriguing futuristic world, one dominated by brain modifications, sex changes, and a string of gruesome murders. Our novel’s hero, Marîd Audran, isContinue Reading