Islam and Science Fiction Interview of Noura Al Noman

  Background: Noura Al Noman is an Emirati writer from Sharjah. She studied English literature at the UAE University and got Masters in Translation in 2004 from the American University in Sharjah. Previous to her current foray into Science Fiction… Continue Reading

WisCon 2012: Panel on Islam and SciFi

I will be on a couple of panels at the 36th annual WisCon 23 this weekend being held in Madison, Wisconsin. WisCon is the world’s leading feminist-oriented science fiction convention and conference. I will mainly be talking about Science Fiction… Continue Reading

Islam and Sci-Fi Panel at PCA/ACA Boston April 11-14, 2012

PCA/ACA: Conference April 11-14, Boston MA April 14, 2012 3:00 pm -4:30 pm, Conference Website Copley Marriott Hotel in Boston Special Roundtable Session: Countering the Master Narrative:  Locating Muslims and Islam in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comics Abstract: Science fiction,… Continue Reading