Islam Sci Fi Interview of Steven Barnes

Image: Steven Barnes (Source: Michael A. Ventrella’s Blog) Background: Steven Barnes is a Hugo Award nominated accomplished author who has written a number of science fiction novels. His novelette The Locusts was written with Larry Niven and was nominated for the… Continue Reading

Islam SciFi Interview of Achmed Khammas

Image: Achmed Adolf Wolfgang Khammas Backgound: This is the first interview in a series of interviews with Muslim Science Fiction authors and people who have written about Sciene Fiction with Islamic themes. Achmed Adolf Wolfgang Khammas has written on the… Continue Reading

Fictional Islam: A Literary Review and Comparative Essay on Islam in Science Fiction and Fantasy

This article will provide a literary review of some scholarly writings on Islamic science fiction and fantasy and an analysis of two novels that incorporate Muslims and Islam in their science fiction storyline, one from Brian Aldiss’s HARM (2007) and… Continue Reading