New Contributors at Islam and Sci-Fi

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Islam and Science Fiction would like to welcome new contributors to our website. They come from varied background with diverse experiences: Gwen Bellinger is a writer and consultant currently working with the Indian government’s Department of Education, Josh Hicken is a Software Engineer whose writing background is in journalism, Ahmed Naumaan is an acdemic who has served as the dean of Engineering at various universities, law student at Loyola University and has published numerous non-fiction pieces and Asiyla is an artist and designer studying Fine Art at Oxford University.

Welcome again and we look forward to some great and fruitful contributions from you folks!


  1. Welcome all!… I’m so happy to see the diversity of different backgrounds of knowledge and cultures added to this movement… I am a hardcore fan and would love to help one day if there are ever any talks about creating a publication for this type of work!

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