New Contributor at Islam and Science Fiction


Islam and Science Fiction would like to welcome a new contributor to our website, Mohamed Bhimji. Here is Mohamed’s brief bio.

Mohamed Bhimji works as a Director of Customer Operations in Vancouver, BC Canada and has a strong background in Information Technology and an immense fascination with science fiction.  He has been a fan of science fiction since he can remember having read the greats and the up-and-coming writers.  His draw to science fiction has been to see where technology can ultimately take mankind, how technology and science can be used to create a better world today and for generations to come.  Science fiction also allows him to dream of a time when we may be able to travel to distant parts of the galaxy and universe.  Over the last few years being introduced to Islam and Science Fiction have taken on a new meaning – not only how technology and science can improve our lives but how religion and Islam in particular fits into the world beyond today.

Looking forward towards a future of great contributions by Mohamed Bhimji.

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