Islamicate Science Fiction Short Story Contest Winners!

1Aug - by Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad - 8 - In Featured


The moment that we have been waiting for has arrived. We had a total of 84 submissions to the contest. Many of them were quite good. The response from the public has been quite positive so that we have decided to continue this competition in the future as well. Here are the winners of the Islamicate Science Fiction Short Story Contest.

  • First Prize: Alex Kreis’s story Calligraphy delves infinite patterns, the word of God and Islamic Calligraphy
  • Second Prize: R. F. Dunham’s story Insha’Allah takes a fascinating take on the concept of freewill, freedom and algorithmic prediction
  • Third Prize: Sami Ahmad Khan’s story Operation Mi’raj is a take on time travel set in the context of South Asia

We will post these stories as well as other stories that are merit a special mention in the form of an ebook. Thank you everyone for participating. It’s your participation that has made this a success.

8 thoughts on “Islamicate Science Fiction Short Story Contest Winners!”

  1. Mashaallah tabaraq allah… I’m so happy I had the honor to be a part of this competition… inshaallah I will work harder to place next time 🙂 elhamdulilla

  2. GREAT! Congratulations to the winners! It was nice to participate and be a part of this competition! Thanks for the great opportunity!
    When will we see the stories?

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