Islam and Science Fiction – 9 years later

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The Islam and Science Fiction website started in 2005 when I was still an undergrad student, the website and turned into a larger project which resulted into an anthology A Mosque Among the Stars, numerous conference appearances, conventions including NYCC (New York Comic Con). This is something that I could not have anticipated when the project started. It is high time for Islam and Science Fiction to expand and move onto the next stage so expect many, hopefully great, changes in the near future: This year and the next expect a book text from us, new contributors and a larger presence online so stay tuned. Last but certainly not the least, one of our former contributors Sofia Samatar, has been nominated for a Hugo Award. Congratulations to Sofia!

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  1. Glad to see some movement! It’s quiet around these parts! It’d be great to see some more coverage of Muslim writers!

  2. Author

    Thank you. I hope that it will not be that quiet for long. 🙂

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