Fire and Clay by Kaaronica Evans-Ware


Fire and Clay is a book by Kaaronica Evans-Ware who is a Muslim-American author. It is a science fiction book where the world of Jinns take center stage. Here is the description of the book from its Amazon page.

Banished from her clan for being a Muslim, a 400 year-old jinn named Zamar is hiding from her past. But an ancient evil is about to surface, unearthing her secrets and carrying painful reminders of the life she once lived. Ages ago, Zamar had lived in solitary exile along the banks of the Senegal River. Then a lone man entered her world, altering it forever.

Spanning several centuries, book one of Fire & Clay, pulls you into the unseen world of mankind’s distant cousins, the jinn. Like humans, these beings were given the gift of free will. And like us there are a few that choose the way of good, some that choose the way of evil, and many that live their lives torn between the two.

But what happens when the lives of creatures cast from smokeless fire, and those shaped from the clay of the Earth become intertwined?

The story told here takes readers on a journey of mystery, imagination, and magic to search for the answers. It plunges into the depths of jealousy, fear, and greed—as well as violence, sorrow, and loss. But it also scales the heights of love and faith, hope and deliverance. This story may be fictional, but it is true. Its truths are about what it means to be human, what it means to have the power to choose.

Fire & Clay is no mere fairytale. What we can see, touch, and taste is only a narrow sliver of reality. There is a war being fought all around us, even within us. And sooner than we might think, our final battle is coming.


  1. I enjoyed this novel very much and am really sad to see it end. Now I have to wait patiently for part Two. I am not going to give a synopsis of the novel. Just read it if you enjoy speculative fiction in the same vein of Octavia Butler with a dash of Islamic Mysticism. I have been yearning for a novel with these themes for awhile and Mrs. Ware supplied that and more. I highly recommend this novel.

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