“Discovering Time Travel” By Suleiman Agbonkhianmen Buhari


Interested in a good take on Sci-Fi by a Nigerian author? Check out the short story Discovering Time Travel By Suleiman Agbonkhianmen Buhari.

“Then why do all the Quantum-Chronologists at the Arusha Institute still say time travel is impossible?”

“It’s like dinosaurs and spheres.”


“People around the world have been digging up dinosaur bones since the time of the ancient Egyptians but blinded by dogmatism and superstition, they were always thought to be the bones of dragons or some other mythical creature. It wasn’t until the 1950s that most scientists and the general public accepted the fact that giant reptiles walked the earth millions of years before we even existed. Likewise, every day we look to the sky and see spheres, the sun is a sphere, the moon is a sphere, the planets closest to us are all spheres yet it took us almost 5000 years of geography and astronomy to finally accept that the earth is a sphere.”

Thanks to Abdurrehman Nisheeth S. for the tip

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