Diana Helwani’s novel. Here is the synopsis from the PRLog Press release on the topic. Sophia’s Journal: Time Warp 1857, is a genre-crossing science fiction tale and coming-of-age story. Sophia Ahmad is an American Muslim high school sophomore on the verge of getting her driver’s permit and embarking on aContinue Reading

Here is a description of Tékumel from Wikipedia. Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne is a fantasy world created by Professor Muhammad Abd-el-Rahman Barker over the course of several decades. In this imaginary world, huge empires with medieval levels of technology vie for control using magic, large standing armies, andContinue Reading

The half-English, half-Sudanese Siddig ( Alexander Siddig El Fadil, born Siddig El Tahir El Fadil, who played Julian Bashir on Star Trek Deep Space 9 is also a Muslim. Here is a quote from “Sid” from Sid City Forums via TrekToday. “I’m someone who didn’t even discover that I wasContinue Reading

Ahmed A. Khan is a Canadian science fiction writer who has published numerous stories in the science fiction genre. He has also edited two anthologies: “Fall and Rise“, a post-apocalyptic Science Fiction anthology and also “Science Fiction Waxes Philosophical”, a collection of Science Fiction stories with philosophical underpinnings. He alsoContinue Reading