I usually do not post about my projects but this one is relevant to the theme of the site so here it is. I will let the project speak for itself. Here is a relevant excerpt from the site: Silicon Arabic combines the aesthetics of the traditional and ancient IslamicContinue Reading

The Orion’s Arm Universe Project is an online collaborative project focused on world building. Recently I received an invitation letter from the creators of the project. These folks have been around for sometime now and the projects has been praised by the likes of Cory Doctorow. The invitation is not just toContinue Reading

Here is a description of Tékumel from Wikipedia. Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne is a fantasy world created by Professor Muhammad Abd-el-Rahman Barker over the course of several decades. In this imaginary world, huge empires with medieval levels of technology vie for control using magic, large standing armies, andContinue Reading