G.O.R.A is a Turkish Mel Brooksesque comedy about a used carpet salesman who is abducted by aliens from a far away planet named G.O.R.A where he gets involved in outwittinga plan by the planet’s security chief and saves the day. G.O.R.A spoofs a number of science fiction films such asContinue Reading

Before there was Shani, there was Son of Andata – the first science fiction movie from Pakistan. The Pakistani actor Sultan Rahi starred as an evil robot invented by a scientist for his nefarious goals. [Thanks to Sher Asif for pointing out this resource] Addendum: Youtube has clip form aContinue Reading

Here is the synopsis of this European movie which has a Muslim protagonist from another website. “From an oasis in southern Tunisia’s mountain region, a computer genius called Kalthoum, hacks into the airwaves. From her apartment jammed full of computer equipment, she hijacks the frequencies of foreign television channels toContinue Reading

The website AltMuslim has a pretty good article on an Islamic perspective on Star Wars and some influences on Star Wars. The article is written by Irfan Rydhan. Here is an excerpt: “Back when “Episode I: The Phantom Menace” first came out, “The Muslim Magazine” had some interesting pieces onContinue Reading