Nation Awakens is an upcoming Pakistani movie which is also the first super-hero movie coming out of Pakistan. It is also supposed to be the most expensive movie ever made in Pakistan costing 250 million rupees. Aamir Sajjad who is the producer as well as the lead in the movieContinue Reading

Zinda Laash also known as Dracula in Pakistan and The Living Corpse is the first Science Fiction movie from Pakistan having been produced in 1967. The premise of the story is that a scientist Professor Tabini is experimenting on an substance what will give him immortality. However when he injectsContinue Reading

Ibn Safi is the pen name of Asrar Ahmad (1928-1980) who was a legendary and prolific Urdu fiction writer from Pakistan. He is one of the better known Science Fiction writers of Urdu, although his mostly famous for writing crime fiction and spy novels. He mostly famous for his worksContinue Reading

Before there was Shani, there was Son of Andata – the first science fiction movie from Pakistan. The Pakistani actor Sultan Rahi starred as an evil robot invented by a scientist for his nefarious goals. [Thanks to Sher Asif for pointing out this resource] Addendum: Youtube has clip form aContinue Reading

Jim Walker has an excellent article on Urdu Science Fiction at the Science Fiction foundation which mentions the following Science Fiction novels in Urdu. Ishtiaq Ahmed’s Machini Makhlooq  (Mechanical Creatures) 1986 Agha Ashraf’s Ba’ghi Computer (The Rebel Computer) 1988. A Hameed has also written a number of Science Fiction Novels.