As of today’s date, nine Muslims have gone into space, no surprisingly space offers unique challenges and opportunities to Muslims in terms of performing their religious duties like daily prayers (which are connected to the rotation of the planet where they live as well as directionality of prayers on Earth) andContinue Reading

It is quite rare that existing religions are explicitly in Science Fiction. Thus it was interesting to see a series on Deviant Art aliens embracing Earth religions including Islam. The description is given below, it does include some stereotype of Islam e.g., the impression of a rule based religion, Muslims not being comfortableContinue Reading

[Image Source: I09] A somewhat belated Ramadan Mubarak from Islam and Science Fiction. May you all have a blessed month regardless if whatever part of the universe where you live regardless of whichever moon or moons you use to set your lunar calendar(s) or even if you live on aContinue Reading

(Image Source: SF in SF) Taking a break from regular posts I just wanted to announce that I will be in San Francisco for the the next 10 days for a Network Science conference. If anyone is interested in meeting up, hanging out or want me to speak somewhere thenContinue Reading