This is one of the best novels on alternative history involving Islam. In this alternative history the bubonic plague kills 99% of the population in Europe, leaving the Islamic world and China as contest over the control of the world with India caught in the Middle. The main characters areContinue Reading

GURPS is a well known book and is actually a collection of short alternative history stories. Caliph by Hite, Kenneth, Craig Neumeier, and Michael Schiffer Published in GURPS Alternate Earths II In OTL the knowledge of paper making arrived in the Islamic world in 749 after the historic battle ofContinue Reading

Judeo-Islamic Messianic Alternative History: In Lisa’s Goldstein’s Split Light published in Travelers of Magic, the famous Jewish messianic Shabbetai Zevi does not convert to Islam and is imprisoned in Constantinople. Afterwards he sees visions of how the world might be impacted in the future due to his decision.

Orson Scott Card’s Pastwatch: The Redepmtion of Christopher Columbus: This is a story about alternative history/ time travel which has a few Muslim characters. Here is a review from Publishers Weekly. Playing with the time stream isn’t new to science fiction, but Card (Ender’s Game), who’s won both a HugoContinue Reading