Yusuf Nuruddin has a fascinating articel on the intersection of Islam, urban mythology and Science Fiction which came out 10 years ago in the Socialism and Democracy Journal. Here is the article in full. Ancient Black Astronauts and Extraterrestrial Jihads: Islamic Science Fiction as Urban Mythology Yusuf Nuruddin Introduction ScienceContinue Reading

Image Source: a Jinn from Muḥammad al-Qazwīnī‘s “Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing” The roots of modern Science Fiction in the Islamic world go back to the rich tradition of fantasy and fantastic creatures. Thus some familiarity with the history of this tradition and how fantastical creatures wereContinue Reading

Islam and Science Fiction was in London recently, our very own Rebecca Hankins (Ruqayyah Kareem) was a panelist at the Middle Eastern Sci-Fi and Fantasy panel at the Tottenham Palestine Literature Festival. The panel was moderated at Yasmeen Khan who is a curator at the Science Museum. The other panelist was NaomiContinue Reading

The current issue (Volume 26, Number 1, Spring 2014) of Journal of Religion and Popular Culture has a couple of articles on Science Fiction with Muslim characters. Here are the abstracts of the relevant articles: The Marvel of Islam: Reconciling Muslim Epistemologies through a New Islamic Origin Saga in Naif al-Mutawa’s The 99 Continue Reading