Best African Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2015

small_afrikan_designThere was a great post on IO9 today by Charlie Jane Anders pointing to a post by a Nigerian author by the name of Wole Talabi who presented his list of the 10 Best African Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories of 2015.

All the stories are a real treasure to read, can be found online and are written by African authors.

But one special treat was a story by Suleiman Agbonkhianmen Buhari (Twitter:, called “Discovering Time Travel” (click on the title to read the story). Unlike other stories you may have read, this one is simply a conversation between two individuals but has elements of science fiction in it — after all, the story is about time travel.

Who is Suleiman? According to a short bio I read at the end of his post “Learning Arabic” Suleiman Agbonkhianmen Buhari is a daytime prosaist and nighttime poet who resides in Lagos, Nigeria, where he is working on his first novel and editing an anthology of poems.

Searching Google you can find some of his poetry, and learn more about Suleiman.

Happy reading!

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