What to do when you can’t sleep? FB, of course. Just came across an interesting article on Al Jazeera English website (via FB). The full link is here – The rise of the comic book in the Middle East. Here is a brief excerpt from the article, be sure to headContinue Reading

While looking for some interesting items to add to Islam and Science Fiction blog, I came across this (old) post from the BBC called “Close encounters of the Arab kind“. An interesting short piece on science fiction and Muslims. Take a read of the post over on the BBC websiteContinue Reading

from IO9

Though I’m not an avid gamer of simulations, undoubtedly the Civilization series by Sid Meier is hugely popular. The latest version of the game, called Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Rising Tide Expansion Pack adds an interesting twist, it introduces a new faction – Al Falah. According to Civilization.com website –Continue Reading