Articles on Arabo-Islamic SF Literature

  • The emergence of science fiction in Arabic literature Snir, Reuven, Der Islam, vol. 77, no. ii, pp. 263-285, 2000
  • Fantascienza in Mauritania. La storia di un uomo nato nel 1034 emorto nel 2055: Madinat al-riyahdi Musa Wuld Ibnu Camera d’Afflitto, I., Oriente Moderno, no. 16, pp. 331-340, 1998
  • Remembering the future: Arabic time-travel literature Cooperson, M., Edebiyat, vol. 8, no. ii, pp. 171-189, 1998
  • Note sur Dib et la science fiction: l’exemple de Cours sur la rive sauvage Yanat, Kamel, Kalim, no. 6, pp. 197-203, 1985

[Thanks to Dennis Lien for the references]

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