Ahmed A. Khan

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Ahmed A. Khan is a Canadian science fiction writer who has published numerous stories in the science fiction genre. He has also edited two anthologies: Fall and Rise“, a post-apocalyptic Science Fiction anthology and also “Science Fiction Waxes Philosophical”, a collection of Science Fiction stories with philosophical underpinnings. He also maintain a blog at http://ahmedakhan.blogspot.com Here is a sampling of Ahmed Khan’s work.

  • Elevator Episodes in Seven Genres in Interzone 211.
  • Mirror, Mirror – Published in “GateWay S-F”
  • The Atavism Device – Published in “GateWay S-F”, translated and reprinted in “Nova Galactica”
  • The Curse of the Science Fiction Writer Published in “Open Space” anthology of Canadian SF
  • The Pulsar and the Planet

A more extensive list is available at: http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/fictiononline/myworks.html

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