Why the anthology?

Islam is the most misrepresented religion in the media and literature. Science Fiction is the most popular genre that looks to the future. This anthology is an effort to use the medium of SF to raise the positive image of Islam in the West.

What is theme of the anthology?

The anthology features SF and fantasy stories that portray Islam and/or Muslims in a positive light.

Who are the writers featured in the anthology?

The anthology features stories from international writers. We were lucky to get the cooperation of well-known SF writers, like Lucius Shepard, Tom Ligon, Jetse de Vries, etc.

Author Biographies: Author biographies are available at this link.

Table of Contents: The table of contents for all the stories in the anthology are available at this link.

Editors Information:
Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad is a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota. He has a long interest in underlying philosophical themes in Science Fiction. His website, islamscifi.com, is one of the best and most comprehensive resources about Islam and Muslims in science fiction literature, movies, comics and other media.

Ahmed A. Khan
is a Canadian writer and editor whose works have been featured in Interzone, Science Today and several other venues. He has edited the anthology, “Fall and Rise”, featuring stories on the theme of survival ethics. He maintains a blog at ahmedakhan.livejournal.com.


  1. More information about everything please! Is the anthology happening?

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