A.R.O.G is the sequel to G.O.R.A which we covered last week and is also a goof ball sci-fi comedy in the same mold as the first movie. The evil commander from the first movie comes back and sends him back to the past – one million years into the past to be exact. Thus begin Arif’s adventures in trying to educate the cavepeople in a world full of dinosaurs (ok so the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago but this is a comedy sci-fi so stay with me on this). Arif’s attempts at educating the cavepeople are thwarted by a rival tribe and thus he must use hit wits to outwit them first. Not content at just sending Arif back to the past Commander Logar follows him back to the past and more hilarity ensures. At the time of its release A.R.O.G was the most expensive Turkish movie ever made.

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